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·        Delivery of complete operational wells.

·        Well equipment installation and maintenance.

·        Analyses and preparation of data based on geological information about the drilling locations.

·        Design of test and exploratory wells.

·        Drilling of test wells and exploratory wells.

·        Adjustment of well design based on test data.

·        Regular & intensive drilling.

·        Installation of well equipment after drilling.

·        Regular & intensive drilling.

·        Well construction equipment and materials (casing and screens).

·        ESPs and tubing.

·        Supplying different general contracting services in the project.

·        Well operation including maintenance and generators for power supply.

·        Water drilling related equipment:

    • Pumps
    • ESP
    • Elevators
    • Mud Pumps
    • Productive line
    • ES Cable
    • Casing
    • Generators and compressors rental
G.D 35 G Canada
Drill Tech USA
E+M German
Drill Tech Canada
Rb 60 (Prakla) German
Rb 50 (Prakla) German
E+M German
Rb 40 (Prakla) German
Halco England


Mud Pumb
High Pressure Water Pump
ESP (25hp – 50hp)